About EMF

Founded in October 2014 by Beverly Gooden and named after her grandmother, the Ella Mae Foundation is a nonprofit organization that takes a firm stand against the public health crisis that is intimate partner violence. The organization is a realization of Mrs. Ella Mae’s philosophy of protection and superior upbringing for children as well as self-actualization and equitable rights for women.

We at EMF, envision a better world – a place where men and women have equal rights, opportunities and access to the necessary resources in order for their families and communities to flourish. To achieve this vision, we engage the highest level of governance to bring transformational change in the lives of women who have been deprived of their basic rights, particularly black women and women of color.

By providing direct services such as toiletries, first-aid kits, clothing etc, we help the affected women combat social injustice. We also constantly work to create awareness about domestic violence and identify ethical and practical approaches to curb it progressively. 

According to an estimate, domestic violence alone costs the U.S around $.4.1 billion per year. We partner with sponsors and donors to pool funds to meet the basic needs of victims and survivors. 

We believe that the most susceptible, indirect victims of domestic violence are children. Research reveals that domestic violence has a high probability of creating behavioral, cognitive, attitudinal and health problems among the children who are witnesses of abuse. Understanding the correlation, EMF also plans to extend its roots in the spheres of child advocacy and protection.

Mrs. Ella Mae died in 2013 of complications from Alzheimer's disease. EMF supports the Alzheimer's Association in their research to end Alzheimer's and dementia while enhancing care for those living with the disease.